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Dear Bride

June 25, 2018

What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

Picking out your engagement session outfits can be stressful!  You’ve spent hours and hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect look and it can be overwhelming!!  But, it shouldn’t be.  You should feel your absolute best at your engagement session!  So here are a few tips to make it a little easier and ease those headaches!

  1. Don’t try to match! Trying to find the exact same color can be tricky and it sometimes photographs funny.  Pick outfits and accessories that complement each other instead!
  2. Be comfortable! This is arguably the most IMPORTANT part of picking out your engagement outfits!  Stay true to you and what makes you feel the most confident!  If you’re not generally comfortable wearing tight fitting clothes, the engagement session won’t change that.  You want to feel your absolute best and ready to rock the poses, not constantly picking at your outfit! Be true to you and your style!
  3. Avoid small patterns and graphics. Small plaids / patterns and some graphics can cause funny lines / imaging in the camera.  Stick to big / less overwhelming patterns!
  4. Pick two outfits! Most couples will pick a casual outfit and a more formal or dressy outfit!  This creates different looks in your session and gives you pictures with different feels!
  5. Don’t be afraid to be bold with accessories! Scarves, necklaces and shoes can give your session a pop and add a little extra personality!
  6. Avoid short, short dresses and skirts! Some poses might require your lifting your arms higher so always do the “lift your arms” test.  Lift your arms above your head and see where the dress or skirt lands!  Short skirts and dresses might limit the poses we can do and might cause a distraction if you’re constantly worried about pulling it down!
  7. Consider your location! If your session is in a field or wooded area, avoid matching greens!  Also, think about your footwear!  Heels on the beach generally don’t work… when in doubt, bring an extra, more comfortable pair with you 🙂
  8. Coordinate your outfits with your wedding style and colors! If you choose to display them at the wedding they’ll match seamlessly!
  9. Long flowy dresses photography amazingly! They’re a personal favorite of mine and are extremely flattering and add a little drama to the pictures!
  10. Pick outfits create the same look! If you’re wearing a long formal dress make sure he is wearing an outfit of equal “dressiness!”

Below is some inspiration 🙂

Maroon and orange are obviously the best color choices 😉


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